New faces inject new energy into our company. We offer a wide range of roles and opportunities, as the personal development of our employees is important to us.

Personalised Start 

After completing training or studies an entirely new stage of life starts for you. EGGER helps make the transition to professional life particularly easy for newcomers. Our Company atmosphere, a comprehensive integration phase and personal support from experienced employees help our new starters find their way quickly in the workplace. The social atmosphere also contributes to a supportive team feeling.

Development Is Promoted

Graduates are often at the start of their career and we want to support them on their paths as much as possible. Our further training programmes create development opportunities with a view to the future. We take into account the suitability and interests of the professional starters and together with them design their individual development opportunities.

The Future With EGGER

Exchanges can take place between our plants, thanks to the size and international profile of our company. Our employees have regular opportunities to work on cross-plant projects or even to go abroad for a while and gather valuable experience.

Commitment, hard work and knowledge open doors at EGGER. Many employees who started with us after completing their training now have key roles and are project, department or even plant managers.