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Forest Management

Forest Management

Forest Management

Forest management services cover every stage of planning and stewardship.

To ensure you are provided with the best value for money our comprehensive forest management services cover every stage of planning and stewardship, from the initial tree planting right through to tree felling.

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    Preparation Work

    - Forest plan preparation
    - Drawing up of work programmes, agreeing budgets and implementation with full supervision
    - New woodland creation
    - Ground preparation: draining, planting, weeding and crop tending, road building and fencing

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    Expert Advice

    We offer expert guidence on activies and requirements such as:
    - Wind farms
    - Hydroelectric schemes
    - Telecommunications masts
    - Government grants
    - Timber insurance services
    - Forest certification

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    Mapping and Administrative Services

    - Preparation and supervision of standing timber sales
    - Forest certification
    - Forest mapping
    - Maintenance of compartment databases and production forecasting
    - Timber measurement and valuation

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    Forestry Investment Services

    Our expert forest valuation and investment advice covers all aspects of forest ownership.
    - Expert valuation and investment advice
    - Acquisition, sales, tax planning and portfolio management
    - Provision of bespoke packages
    - Fully integrated clear-fell and re-stock options
    - Securing payments for carbon credits and ecological services