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Timber Harvesting Case Study - Whitestones Dipper

Timber Harvesting Case Study - Whitestone Dipper

Timber Harvesting Case Study - Whitestone Dipper »Watch it now

Timber Harvesting Case Study - Whitestone Dipper

Timber Harvesting Case Study - Sorn Estate »Watch it now

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The clearfell site of Whitestones Dipper is located in Harwood Forest, Northumberland. EGGER Forestry has worked within Harwood Forest for a number of years and has a very good working relationship with the Forestry commission and the local managers. The forestry commission recognise the high standard of harvesting work we carry out, in conjunction with our contractors.

The health and safety of all people working in, and visiting the forest is the main priority during operations. Contractors are engaged in the risk assessment process from a very early stage to ensure a proactive and conscious approach to health and safety management.

EGGER Forestry’s ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation ensures that activities and those of harvesting and haulage contractors are focused on fulfilling customer requirements whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and maintaining continued improvement.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation ensures that operational activities are carried out in a manner sympathetic to the environmental constraints within the site and the surrounding landscape. Adherence to the ISO framework standardises procedures, resulting in operational efficiency with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Site Information:




John Deere 1270e 8WD Harvester, John Deere 1510e Forwarder

Harvesting Manager:

Ben Drake, EGGER Forestry Ltd

Forest Owner:

Forestry Commission


24,028 m3

Crop Details:

Sika spruce, lodgepole pine


Sawlogs and pallet logs for local sawmills, chipwood for EGGER