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Tamshiel Rig

Timber Harvesting Case Study - Tamshiel Rig

Timber Harvesting Case Study - Tamshiel Rig »Watch it now

Timber Harvesting Case Study - Tamshiel Rig

Timber Harvesting Case Study - Sorn Estate »Watch it now

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This thinning operation is part of a five year contract and covers Nithsdale and the Borders and will support the growth of the Scottish Forestry sector.

The main objectives of thinning control are usually to combine maximum timber yield in the long-term, with the maintenance of a regular supply of material from thinnings. Failure to control the volume removed as thinnings can result in over-cutting, which leads to a loss in volume production, or under-cutting which depresses profitability.

"EGGER Forestry was awarded this contact after a competitive process of tender and interview. Their submission was of a high quality and provided good evidence of their competence to carry out these important thinning operations. We look forward to working in partnership with them."
Neil Murray, Area Operations Manager, Forest Enterprise Scotland

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John Deere 1170e Harvester, Komatsu 840 Forwarder

Harvesting Contractor:

Even Forestry Limited

Harvesting Manager:

Ben Drake, EGGER Forestry Ltd

Managing Agent:

Forest Enterprise, Scotland


1,400 t

Crop Details:

Sitka spruce, larch. FSC ® 100%


Primary fencing, palletwood and residual chipwood for EGGER.