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Timber Harvesting Case Study - Sorn Estate

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Timber Harvesting Case Study - Sorn Estate »Watch it now

Timber Harvesting Case Study

Summary of management objectives:

As part of a diverse rural estate seeking to evolve to meet varied objectives, 56 hectares of former grazing land have been planted following assessment that forestry can provide a better economic return than farming.

In order to receive funding to create a multi-purpose productive conifer woodland, EGGER Forestry has undertaken the necessary planning and design work to gain approval from Forestry Commission Scotland. The scheme required consideration of a number of habitat sensitivities, needing expert knowledge to aid the design process. Following approval of the scheme EGGER Forestry has implemented and supervised all works, including vegetation control, ground preparation, fencing and planting, to ensure compliance with the UK Forestry Standard. The completed project has provided the landowner with a net positive cash flow and a woodland designed to create a varied habitat as well as a source of income in the future.

“EGGER Forestry has taken us through the very complicated grant application process and dealt with the environmental and ecological studies involved.”

Nick Wright, Owner’s Agent.

Site Information:


Sorn Estate, East Ayrshire

EGGER Forest Manager:

Sam Booth/Katherine Evans-Smith


56 hectares

Woodland details:

Woodland creation of productive conifer and non-productive native broadleaves.