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Integrated Harvesting and Forest Management - Dunamuck Woodlands

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Integrated Harvesting and Forest Management - Dunamuck Woodlands »Watch it now

Integrated Harvesting and Forest Management Case Study

The Kilmichael Woodlands (535 ha) comprises of Dunamuck Woodlands (241 ha) and Prince of Wales Woodlands (181 ha). They are located between Lochgilphead and Kilmartin in Argyll.

The woodlands were planted over an extended period between 1959 and 1994 and are at various stages of restructuring with second rotation crops well established.

The woodlands are certified under the EGGER Forestry Resource Manager Scheme.

The mixed conifer clearfell is a complex site which involved harvester and forwarder with high-lead winch work on steep slopes and rocky outcrops.

The dismantling and controlled felling of edge trees within close proximity to residential dwellings was planned and supervised by the Forest Manager in parallel with the harvesting operation.

"I am delighted that EGGER Forestry has helped me realise the potential of my forestry investment through their professional and determined approach to a very complicated site."

Professor Roger Williams

Site Operations:


Mixed conifer clearfell

Harvesting Contractor:

Dick Brothers Limited

Harvesting Manager:

Andy Powell MICFor, EGGER Forestry Ltd/p>

Forest Owner:

Professor Roger Williams

Forest Managing Agent:

Gavin Mann MICFor, EGGER Forestry Ltd


1700 tonnes

Crop Details:

Sitka spruce, larch, noble and grand fir, lodgepole pine, Norway spruce and western hemlock. FSC 100%


Mixed conifer oversized logs for Auchengate Sawmill Limited, Troon; Green spruce sawlogs, Glennon Brothers, Ireland; chipwood for EGGER (UK) Limited Barony; Fuelwood for Land Energy, Girvan.