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Forest Management Case Study - Deborah Plantation

EGGER Forestry Ltd

Forest Management Case Study

Summary of management objectives:

Maximize financial return of investment
Maintain and improve capital value
Enhance and increase wildlife habitats through further diversification

"A close working relationship with my Forest Manager is important to me.

David Robson has managed my forest for a number of years, so when he joined EGGER early in 2014, I was keen to retain his services.

My move to EGGER provides me with the continuity and sound practical advice that I require."

Mr. G Smedley, Deborah Plantation Owner

Site Information:


Deborah Plantation

Client / Owner:

Mr. Smedley

EGGER Forest Manager:

Dave Robson


27 ha

Crop details:

A diverse mix including Douglas fir, Scots pine, mixed conifer and native broadleaves.