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Case Studies

EGGER Forestry Case Studies

Case Studies

Providing timber harvesting expertise across the UK.

Timber Harvesting

The following are a number of contracts that EGGER Forestry has carried out, providing Forest Harvesting expertise across the UK.
Each one shows a different aspect to our Harvesting business and highlights a variety of operations.

Scotland Case Studies

  • Shinnelhead (South Scotland)

    Shinnelhead (South Scotland)

    The Craigeller harvesting site located within Shinnelhead forest is a good example of steep ground operations by EGGER Forestry.

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  • East Strone (West Scotland)

    East Strone (West Scotland)

    The site has a number of challenges being predominantly peaty, mean annual rainfall is 3,000 mm and the open westerly aspect is prone to exposed growing conditions and damage from wind.

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  • Tamshiel Rig (South Scotland)

    Tamshiel Rig (South Scotland)

    This thinning operation is part of a five year contract and covers Nithsdale and the Borders and will support the growth of the Scottish Forestry sector. The main objectives of thinning control are usually to combine maximum timber yield in the long-term, with the maintenance of a regular supply of material from thinnings.

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  • Barnshalloch Moor

    Barnshalloch Moor (Southwest Scotland)

    Barnshalloch Moor is a 70 hectare mixed woodland located near Balmaclellan in Southwest Scotland which is managed by DGA Forestry Ltd. Species composition consisted primarily of productive conifers, predominantly Sitka spruce with some smaller quantities of hybrid larch and Douglas fir. The woodland owner’s primary objective was to create a native woodland, building upon the areas of birch, oak and Scots pine that were already established.

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England Case Studies

  • Healey Woodland (Northumberland)

    Healey Woodland (Northumberland)

    EGGER Forestry has carried out a number of clearfell and thinning operations over the last few years on the estate.
    This operation is the third time the stand has been thinned with the aim of each intervention being an improvement of the final crop.

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  • Kidland Forest Complex (Northumberland)

    Kidland Forest Complex (Northumberland)

    EGGER Forestry has been operating consistently within the forest at Kidland for over 15 years and over this time has built up strong relationships with local forest managers.
    The company has developed a specialism to plan and deliver safe harvesting operations whilst maximising the forest owners investment.

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  • Whitestones Dipper (Northumberland)

    Whitestones Dipper (Northumberland)

    The clearfell site of Whitestones Dipper is located in Harwood Forest, Northumberland. EGGER Forestry has worked within Harwood Forest for a number of years and has a very good working relationship with the Forestry commission and the local managers. The forestry commission recognise the high standard of harvesting work we carry out, in conjunction with our contractors.

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