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EGGER sponsors event aimed at driving a more sustainable and low-carbon future

Published: 22/10/2018
Despite the immense Kielder Forest, tree cover is just 8 per cent in Northumberland, lower than the rest of England

The need to plant more trees has been highlighted by many organisations and individuals.

A Superwood event is to be held on 14th December at Northumbria University with the aim of bringing together member of the whole supply chain. It will discuss how the North of England can capitalise on significant economic and environmental opportunities by planting more trees and building creatively with timber.

Experts from a range of companies including: Confor, Wood for Good, Woodland Trust, Ryder Architecture and Paul Brannen MEP, EGGER and will be leading discussions at the event. This includes Simon Hart, Business Development Manager at EGGER Forestry who will be speaking about the need to plant more trees.

To find out more and sign up for this Confor event click here.