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EGGER Forestry presents prize at Ambleside

John Paterson, director of EGGER Forestry, presented first prize to Robert Baker from Ambleside, University of Cumbria.

EGGER Forestry attended the graduation of students completing their Forestry degree at the university on July 18th. Student Robert Baker was presented with a first place certificate and cash prize for his Final Year Forest Management Plan.

John Paterson, director of EGGER Forestry, said: “We hope that ongoing partnerships like ours with the University of Cumbria will continue to help more young people with their careers in Forest Management. I am very pleased to be able to award first prize to Robert for his excellent plan.”

Robert Baker added: “I am very happy to have achieved first prize for my Final Year Forest Management Plan and am looking forward to starting my career in Forestry.”

Dr Andrew Leslie, Senior Lecturer in Forestry at the University of Cumbria, said: “Rob solidly deserves this prize, having written an exceptional management plan. His combination of strong practical and academic skills is reflected in a realistic and comprehensive plan.

“We highly value the partnership we have with EGGER Forestry. Our students have benefitted from their past lectures and case study materials, we look forward to continue working with them.”

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John Paterson, Director of EGGER Forestry (left) presenting the prize to Robert Baker (right).