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News> EGGER Forestry helps arrange foreign study tour for two UK forestry societies

EGGER Forestry helps arrange foreign study tour for two UK forestry societies

This year saw the Royal Forestry Society and the Royal Scottish Forestry Society hold their 2018 international study tour in Austria and Bavaria.

Werner Zwingmann, EGGER Team Leader Core Materials & Environment, was instrumental to the successful visit by suggesting and arranging the itinerary. This included the EGGER St Johann site and the Binderholtz Glulam factory and sawmill in Fugen, Austria. In addition, there were visits to various privately and state-owned forests in Bavaria.

The forest visits looked at various German management systems, with a particular focus on Continuous Cover Forestry. There was also the opportunity to look at a number of issues, including the management of pests and diseases and in particular deer control.

Throughout the visit, the group was welcomed by generous hosts in the alpine forests surrounding Oberammergau and in the lowland forests of Bavaria.

John Paterson, EGGER Forestry director accompanied the visit and commented: “We were very pleased to assist with this trip and have received very positive and complimentary feedback.

“German forestry is quite different to that of the UK, and it is always useful to see things from another perspective - there is always something new to learn. Although there are obvious differences, it is surprising how many issues we have in common.”

The foreign study tour group included Callum Wilson, who won his place after submitting the Best Final Year Forest Management Plan’ from the Scottish School of Forestry, Inverness College UHI. The prize was awarded by EGGER Forestry and provided Callum with a great opportunity to experience forestry abroad so early in his career.

Many of the participants were veterans of previous tours and a number commented that “this was one of the best ever.”

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