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EGGER Comfort flooring

EGGER Comfort flooring is an especially comfortable floor covering. The integrated layers of cork have a sound-absorbing effect and make the floor quiet and pleasantly warm. The versatile decors are printed on a robust HDF carrier plate using state-of-the-art HD printing technology, resulting in an impressive flooring appearance. In addition, EGGER Comfort flooring is characterised by its easy-care surface, which is also protected against strong UV radiation. Thanks to the use of the natural materials cork and wood, EGGER Comfort flooring is environmentally friendly and carries the “Blue Angel” seal of quality.


  • All living spaces
  • Commercial spaces such as hotel rooms
  • Not suitable for wet areas


  • Quieter as laminate flooring
  • Integrated impact sound insulation
  • Springy and warm
  • Great for the home