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Where can I buy VDS PROFI?

VDS PROFI is available in our Shop, please register or login to myEGGER, click on ‘Shop’ and then ‘Software’, here you will find all versions of VDS PROFI.

To go to the software section of our Shop, please click here.

To login or register with myEGGER, please click here.

Does VDS PROFI work on a Mac?

You can only use VDS PROFI Multi Use software on a Mac. To find out more details about what is required to use the software on a Mac, please click here.

What is the difference between Single User and Multi Use VDS PROFI?

VDS PROFI Single User is a single license code (sent via email) that can only be used on one computer; once it has been activated you cannot then use it on another computer.

VDS PROFI Multi Use can be used on several computers but only one at a time. A DVD and USB stick (dongle) are sent via post. The USB stick is the license key, meaning that only the computer with the dongle inserted can use the VDS PROFI software.

I am having problems with VDS PROFI who do I contact?

Please contact our partner company Active Online via the forms or telephone number in our Help & Support section.

To go to the Help & Support section please click here.

Where can I download the manual for VDS PROFI?

The VDS PROFI manual can be downloaded as a PDF from our VDS PROFI page, to view it please click here.


Where can I download VDS APP?

The VDS App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store.

To find out more please click here

What devices is VDS App available for?

The VDS App is available free of charge for Apple and Android tablets and phones.