myEGGER & Shop

myEGGER Registration

Where do I register with myEGGER?

myEGGER is available on nearly every page, it is situated just below the EGGER logo on the top right of the website.
Simply click on 'myEGGER' and then when the login options appear, click on 'Inform and Register', here you will be taken to the myEGGER page where you can register.

You can also go straight to the registration page by clicking here.

Where do I register my tools, swatch, etc?

Once you have registered with myEGGER, login and go to the myEGGER homepage.
On the left you can see the different sections of myEGGER, click on 'My Registrations'.
Here you enter your tool code which means you will receive free updates to your marketing tools.

To go to My Registrations to enter your tool code, please click here.

myEGGER Login Problems

If my password is correct, why can't I login?

When you registered with myEGGER you should have received a confirmation email with a link to verify that you have registered with us, if you haven't clicked on this link please check your inbox and confirm your registration.
You will then be able to login to myEGGER.

If you have already confirmed your registration and you still cannot login to myEGGER the please provide your name and e-mail address to our support team and we will reset your password for you.
To contact the support team please click here.

I can't remember which e-mail address I registered with, how do I find out?

If you cannot remember the e-mail address you used to register with myEGGER, please send your name and the name of your business to our support team and we will check our system and contact you with your registered e-mail address.
To contact the support team, please click here.

If I can't remember my password, how do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password then you can have it sent to you by filling in the email address you used to register with myEGGER by clicking here.


What can I order from the shop?

You can order MFC and laminate samples from our two decorative collections as well as A4 laminate samples of our UK Worktop Range.

We offer a wide range of marketing materials such as swatches, brochures and much more.

You can also order our room visualisation software VDS PROFI. You can also try our VDS Online here.

To go to the Shop please click here.

Do I need to register to use the Shop?

To order samples from the shop you are required to register with myEGGER, this makes it easier the next time you order samples as you just need to login and add items to your basket.
When registered you can have shop items dispatched to your address or a customers address at the click of a button.

To register with myEGGER, please click here.

Do you charge for items I order from the Shop?

We may need to make a small charge for some items in the Shop to cover some of our costs.

To find out more about our pricing, please click here.

I'm having problems ordering items in the Shop what should I do?

If you are having problems using our online Shop then please contact our Product Support Team on 0845 606 8888 (calls charged at local rate) or by e-mail by clicking here.