Decorative Products

MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard)

What is EGGER Eurodekor MFC?

EURODEKOR MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) is constructed from a decorative printed paper covering a chipboard core. This is a pre-bonded finished material, which requires no further fabrication except edging.

What are the board sizes and pack sizes for Eurodekor MFC?

The decors in our collections are available ranging from 18mm - 25mm MFC.

What decors / colours are available in EGGER Eurodekor MFC?

We have over 147 MFC Decors, to view the decors online click here.

Is Eurodekor MFC E1 certified?

Yes, EGGER manufacture to E1 standard. To obtain a copy of the most recent certificate contact the Product Support Team on 0845 606 8888.


What is EGGER Laminate?

EGGER Laminate is made up of multiple layers of paper and has a decorative surface. The laminate sheet must be fabricated (bonded) to a suitable substrate (normally chipboard or MDF).

Where do you use EGGER Laminate?

Due to its multi-layered construction, EGGER Laminate is the perfect material for high traffic areas or where a hard wearing surface is required, such as counter tops, doors, reception desks and a whole host of other interior and shopfitting applications.

Why use EGGER Laminate?

Compared to veneers, laminates perform better in terms of durability and resistance to scratches.

Environmental benefits 
Rather than using tropical veneers from the other side of the world, exotic wood reproductions in laminate are a far more sustainable option.

Commercial benefits
EGGER Laminates are a more cost effective solution to veneers and are easier to replace if panels are damaged as well as the colour remaining consistent.

How thick is a sheet of EGGER Laminate?

The UK stock range of laminates is available in 0.8mm, to view the range of laminate decors available, please click here.

What sheet size is EGGER laminate available in?

The sheet size of the UK stock range of laminates is 3050 x 1310 mm.

Do I need a special solution to clean EGGER Laminate?

No, due to the resistant and hygienic, dense surface, EGGER Laminate does not require any special form of care.

To view and download the cleaning instructions for laminate surfaces please click here.

How do I cut EGGER Laminate?

The laminate can be cut to size using standard woodworking equipment.

To view EGGER laminate processing instructions please click here

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

What is Eurodekor MDF?

EURODEKOR MDF (Melamine Faced Medium Density Fibreboard) has exactly the same surface finish as EURODEKOR MFC but has a fibreboard core. We offer 2 different grades of MDF - Furniture Grade and Deep Routering Grade.

What are the board and pack sizes for Eurodekor MDF?

Availability Length Width Thickness MOQ

Furniture Grade MDF

  • Available to order 2650 mm 2070 mm 15 mm 1 pack (28 boards)
  • Available to order 2650 mm 2070 mm 18 mm 1 pack (26 boards)
  • Available to order 2800 mm 2070 mm 25 mm 1 pack (16 boards)

Deep Routering MDF

  • Available to order 2650 mm 2070 mm 18 mm 1 pack (26 boards)
  • Available to order 2800 mm 2070 mm 18 mm 1 pack (22 boards)

ABS Edging

What is EGGER ABS Edging?

Thermoplastic ABS edge banding for EURODEKOR MFC, EURODEKOR MDF and EUROLIGHT which offers a sleek, yet robust decorative finish. For further information click here.


What is Eurolight?

EUROLIGHT is made from extremely strong 8 mm high density chipboard top and bottom surface layers, combined with a light, yet robust recycled cardboard honeycomb core. it is available either with a decorative surface, raw (for bonding veneer or laminates), or a painting grade option (for client specific uni colours).

What sizes are the EGGER Eurolight panels?

EUROLIGHT is available in two thicknesses 50mm and 38mm, both thicknesses are available in 2800 x 2070mm sheet sizes in the UK.

Is EGGER Eurolight FCS® of PEFC certified?

Within the chain of custody, we are able to supply EUROLIGHT boards with PEFC and / or FSC® certification depending on the availability of wood.


Do EGGER manufacture worktops?

Yes, EGGER have 2 worktop collections, our Contempory and Premium collection consisting of 38mm and 25mm & decors.

To view more information about our worktops click here.

What sizes are EGGER Worktops available in?

All worktops come in 4100mm lengths but with different widths:

600mm – single postformed edge
670mm – double postformed edge (suitable for breakfast bars)
920mm – double postformed edge (suitable for breakfast bars)
Standard thickness is 38mm

What is the range of decors for EGGER Worktops?

EGGER Worktops are available in a range of decors. To see an overview of the decors click here.

Do EGGER Eurospan worktops come with matching edging?

Yes, all 38mm Eurospan worktops come with 3m of matching laminate edging strip.

Can I get upstands & splashbacks to match my EGGER worktop?

Yes, upstands & splashbacks in all 20 decors are available.
They can be purchased from any of the worktop distributors. To find your nearest stockist click here.