Decors and Collections

Decor Range

Can I view UK stocked decors online?

Yes, the decor search on our website allows you to view large scale scans of UK stocked uni decors, woodgrains and material reproductions, along with availability details. Matches to RAL, PANTONE, NCS codes for uni decors are also listed.

To view the decor search click here.

Where can I get decor scans to use on our website / brochures or CAD?

You can access d├ęcor scans within myEGGER. Register for free here and have access to all decor downloads.

What does the ST number stand for in the decor code?

The ST refers to the structure/texture of the board surface. For further information and an explanation of what surface textures are available click here.

Do EGGER produce a range of gloss decors?

Yes, we have a 13 PerfectSense Gloss decors, you can view them here.

What is a TPO decor?

TPO (To Phase Out) means that a decor will not feature in the new collection and at some point will be phased out, i.e. outrun completely. So, if there any decors that you have previously specified that have ‘TPO’ against them these will continue to be available via a distributor until advised otherwise. 

At the point where we change the status from ‘TPO’ to ‘outrunning’ we advise our distributors to inform their customers that there is between 6 and 12 months of material left to allow them to control their stocks/ranges/specifications/projects.

Whats is an outrunning decor?

An outrunning decor will not be advertised in any marketing material and when the UK stocks run down they will not be replenished.

Therefore the material will not be stocked in the UK. We always endeavour to give customer enough notice of an outrun decor to allow customers to change their specifications.

Why is a decor discontinued?

Our collection and decors are constantly changing, therefore there are changes in the regular cycles.

Colour Matches

Do EGGER match to RAL, Pantone & NCS (Natural Colour System)?

Yes, where possible EGGER has tried to match its uni colour decors to RAL, Pantone & NCS, to view the list of matches click here.

Where can I find details of PVC foils to match EGGER decors?

Coming soon - Our Matching Products Guide is a culmination of extensive and ongoing development work carried out by us with the major suppliers to the furniture industry.
It includes matches in PVC foil, doors, moulding and now touch up pens and softwax. An updated version of this for our new collections will be coming soon.