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The EGGER World

EGGER introduces a virtual world so designers can explore products in application.

Well known for constantly investing in new, innovative products and services, EGGER, one of the leading international wood-based material manufacturers, has developed a fresh approach to showcasing its product portfolio.

Choosing the right products for your project can be overwhelming, with so many different suppliers, products and decors to choose from. EGGER’s new, free, online service, The EGGER World, allows you to discover a vast range of furniture, flooring and building products all in one place.

Explore their extensive range across six different room sets: office, kitchen, bedroom, hospitality, retail and construction. See which EGGER products can create the highlighted elements in each application, and find out how to achieve the desired look for less, without compromising on style.

From bespoke and contract furniture design to structural and laminate flooring, their diverse product offering includes EGGER Decorative Collection 2020-22, EGGER Worktops Collection 2020, EGGER PRO Flooring Collection and EGGER’s Advanced Structural Flooring.
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