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Donations instead of presents for Christmas

Symbolic handover of the donation to Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk in our new plant location in Biskupiec, Poland.

Most cultures associate joy, gratefulness and thoughtfulness with Christmas and the change of the year. The EGGER Group also thanks its customers and partners for positive collaboration during 2017. This year however, the company has chosen to leave traditional Christmas gifts behind and donate the money that would have been spent on presents to charity organisations instead.

EGGER’s goal is to support social structures in the regions where the company makes and sells its products, and in this way contribute to the social issues those countries are tackling.

To be specific, the donations this year will go to the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, an association that has spent more than 40 years promoting the rights of children and fighting child poverty, to Kinderkrebshilfe Tirol, to the Concordia Organisation in Romania, which creates educational and professional opportunities for destitute children and young people, to the nature organization NextoLife in the central Italian earthquake region, to the organisations Daneta in the Czech Republic and PSONI in Biskupiec/Poland, both working with disabled children and adults, to the therapy and advice centre for families Palmeniok in Slovakia, as well as several hospice and palliative facilities and local charity organisations.

By supporting these organisations, EGGER’s goal is to help these people, who find themselves in unhappy or difficult circumstances, have a beautiful Christmas.

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