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Designing Tomorrow’s Spaces Today

Material Lab, located on Titchfield Street in Central London, was the ideal venue, on Tuesday 25th June, for a stimulating panel discussion about the impact of biotechnology on the future development of materials, new ways of constructing buildings, the negative impact of continuing as we are now on society and the environment, and the growing concern of how all this affects our lives.

Hosted by EGGER, a world leading wood based panel manufacturer with one of its 18 state of the art facilities located in the North East of England, the event boasted an eminent panel of experts, chaired by Peter Murray, Chairman of New London Architecture.

Panel topics ranged from advocating an innovative approach to materials, the shift from industrial to ecological, using robots and machines to make new things, creating spaces for young people to develop ideas and new materials, to looking at biological systems to revolutionise business and manufacturing practices.

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