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News> Coronavirus Update 25.03.2020

Coronavirus Update 25.03.2020

In line with most manufacturing companies, EGGER, has been impacted by the Coronavirus crisis. At all sites, including Hexham and Barony, the Company’s top priority is the health and safety of its employees, customers and stakeholders.

Production currently continues in Hexham, with extensive measures being taken to ensure that we operate safely and within the Government’s guidelines. Where possible, many employees have been set up so they can continue to work from home, significantly reducing the number of people working on the site.

A number of customers remain on the ‘essential’ government list, including the funeral sector and suppliers to the NHS, which includes currently the construction and fit out of the Excel NHS Field Hospital in London.

Production will begin to shut down in Barony as of 24 March, due to the closure of their major customers. This process will be carried out over a few days in a safe and controlled manner, and production will re-start when the time is right.

The management team continues to constantly monitor its operation and resource planning.