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News> Coronavirus Update 02.04.2020

Coronavirus Update 02.04.2020

Statement from Andrew Sanderson, Plant Manager, EGGER UK.

"Like most companies we continue to monitor the fast changing situation during the Coronavirus crisis, with the health and safety of our employees, customer and stakeholders being our top priority.

Over the last week our Hexham management team has been implementing the safe and controlled temporary shutdown of our main production facilities. This is due to be completed by Monday 6th April. Our warehouse and despatch team will continue to operate in a capacity to meet the requirements of our customers who generally remain on the ‘essential’ Government list. Other services continue to be serviced by key employees working remotely. Significant quantities of our material continue to be used in the construction and fit out of new NHS hospitals and other essential areas. Extensive measures continue to be taken to ensure we operate safely and within the Government’s guidelines.

Due to the temporary shutdown, the majority of our employees are to be placed on the furlough scheme with additional financial support offered by the company. We’d like to thank them for their flexibility, dedication and understanding during these unprecedented times.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will restart production operations safely when required"