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Get answers to our most frequently asked questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions

Who trains the apprentices? What are the usual working hours and what expectations do apprentices have about an apprenticeship at EGGER?

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Working hours and earnings

What are the working hours at EGGER?

The working hours at EGGER vary depending on your role.

Our Business Administration Apprentices work an average of 37 ½ hours a week, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm with one hour unpaid for lunch.

Our Engineering Apprentices (Electricians/Mechanical Fitters) work day shift from their first year on site, until they go on to the 4 shift pattern as part of their training during their final year.

Our day shift is Monday to Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm, with half an hour paid for lunch, working an average of 40 hours a week.

Our Apprentice Laboratory Technicians work the relevant shift required within the Quality department, however it will be Monday to Friday working an average of 37 ½ hours.

Is there flexitime at EGGER?

For our Business Administration Apprentices, following their six month probationary period, there may be the opportunity for them to join the flexitime scheme. This means that on the rare occasion that they have to work over their 37 ½ hours a week, they will be able to claim this back at a time which is convenient for both the apprentice and their department.

Engineering and Laboratory Apprentices are not able to access the flexitime scheme due to operational requirements.

How many days annual leave does an apprentice at EGGER have?

Our apprentices are entitled to 25 days annual leave, plus statutory bank holidays, the same as any other EGGER employee.

How much does an apprentice at EGGER earn?

The salary for our apprentices changes each year to ensure we remain competitive. To find out the exact salary for each specific programme, please contact our Human Resources Department.


In the Business Administration scheme, apprentices work in a variety of departments. What does this involve?

Our Business and Administration Apprentices can rotate around three different departments, dependant on the devised training path:

  • Commercial/Customer Service
  • Logistics/Production Planning
  • Technical Purchasing
In each department they are trained by experienced employees and through this gain a comprehensive knowledge of EGGER and how we work - this forms the perfect basis for a successful career.
Thanks to this rotation, many apprentices discover their strengths and preferences, this provides them with an idea of which path they wish to pursue after their apprenticeship.

What does the EGGER apprentice training include?

Through our apprenticeship, our apprentices are able to develop not only their technical abilities within their chosen careers, but also have the opportunity to further their social competencies, which are becoming increasingly important in today’s world of work.

Alongside gaining on the job training with qualified EGGER employees, our apprentices also gain academic training from local colleges.

How can the apprentices benefit from the international EGGER company network?

EGGER is a large multinational organisation with 18 manufacturing plants in eight countries and sales offices worldwide.
During their apprenticeship there may be the opportunity for some international travel.

Depending on what is happening throughout the Group at the time, opportunities to travel to other sites within mainland Europe could be a possibility.

Who trains the apprentices at EGGER?

Each of our apprenticeships is made up of a combination of on the job training, with skilled and qualified EGGER employees.
This gives the apprentices insight into the systems at EGGER and gain from their trainer’s extensive experience. Alongside this, they also receive training from external training providers who either come on site to see the apprentice one on one, or the apprentice has day release at a local college.

With our Electrical and Mechanical Apprenticeships based in Hexham, the set up is slightly different as they spend their first year off site at Sunderland Engineering Training Association (SETA), gaining valuable skills before joining us on site in their second year.

Through our varied approach, we ensure that each apprentice comes out with nationally recognised qualifications.

What does an apprenticeship scheme at EGGER provide?

EGGER offers apprentices high quality training in various departments. In this way it creates the perfect opportunity to work as a specialist, both at our sites in the UK and within our other plants in Europe.

We are proud of the fact that over 90% of our apprentices decide to continue working for us after their apprenticeships.
We believe this is due to our good working atmosphere and promising EGGER career opportunities.

Application and perspectives

How do you apply to EGGER?

To apply for an apprenticeship at EGGER, the pupil must visit our website at and complete our online application form, where they can attach a covering letter and CV if they have one.

We also hold an Apprentice Open Day each year on site at Hexham and Barony.
This is advertised in the local schools and press, we recommend anyone interested in our apprenticeship scheme comes along to this event to talk to our current apprentices, managers and training providers to gather more information.

Does EGGER offer application training for pupils?

If requested, EGGER can offers application training within local schools.
A trained EGGER employee will teach the pupils step by step how to write a covering letter or a CV, using best practice.

Alongside this the pupils will also gain useful information and valuable tips about what to expect in a job interview.

Where do apprentices work after having successfully completed their apprenticeship?

Our Business Administration Apprentices receive high quality training in a number of our key departments; this gives them the opportunity to investigate roles within the organisation that they had perhaps never considered before.
Upon completion of their apprenticeship they are able to apply for any suitable internal vacancies, however on a couple of occasions our apprentices have been able to secure the role they wanted whilst still in their apprenticeship, this means that they study alongside their new role.

As for our Engineering and Laboratory Apprentices, on completion of their apprenticeship they are able to join our Mechanical, Electrical and Laboratory teams as a fully qualified member.

We are proud of the fact that 90% of our apprentices continue working for us after their apprenticeships. This is largely down to providing a good working atmosphere and the promising career opportunities at EGGER.

More about EGGER

When does EGGER offer work experience days?

EGGER can offer work experience placements to students from the local schools, at any point throughout the year. We see work experience as a great way for people to come to EGGER and see how we operate as an organisation and the available opportunities.

If you would be interested in work experience, please contact the Human Resources Department and we can discuss in more detail what you would be looking to gain and what we can offer.

Is it possible as a teacher to visit an EGGER plant with my class?

Yes, we can organise a tour of our plant for your class. We have a designated tour route which means that you would get to see the whole production process from the raw materials all the way to the end product.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity of a site tour further, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Does EGGER visit schools?

We like to visit local schools to discuss the opportunities that our apprenticeships bring and what EGGER has to offer. We also bring with us current apprentices to discuss their experiences and to answer pupils questions.

Facts & Figures

What apprenticeship schemes does EGGER offer?

EGGER has four apprenticeship schemes:

  • Mechanical Engineering (4 Years): Available at Hexham and Barony
  • Electrical Engineering (4 Years): Available at Hexham and Barony
  • Business Administration (2 Years): Available at Hexham and Barony
  • Laboratory Technician (2 Years): Available at Hexham

How many apprentices are recruited at EGGER per year and how many work at EGGER in total?

The amount of apprentices recruited differs each year depending on the needs of the business.

Our Apprentice Laboratory Technician role and Business Administration Apprentices are usually only available every other year, therefore during those years we would look to recruit about 7 apprentices, whereas on other years it would be approximately 4.

Within the UK we currently have approximately 32 apprentices in training.

Who are the contact people for apprenticeships at EGGER?

If you would like further information about our apprenticeship schemes, please contact our Human Resources Department on 01434 613361.