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Barony Project

EGGER Barony

Barony Project

Development at our site in Auchinleck, East Ayrshire.

About Us

EGGER has two chipboard manufacturing sites that produce approximately 1.1 million m3 of chipboard each year and employ over 800 people. Since 2006, we have invested approximately £250 million into our UK operations in Hexham and Auchinleck, to ensure we remain at the forefront of wood-based materials production worldwide. Since opening our Barony plant in 1998, we have become an important employer in East Ayrshire, with more than 148 people working on site.

Over the last two decades, we have continued to invest in our Barony plant. This has included an £8 million wood processing recycling plant, a £4 million biomass energy plant to reduce CO2 emissions and gas consumption, and an engineering building upgrade to include a purpose built apprentice training facility for early years apprentices.

EGGER is one of the three principal wood panel manufacturers in the UK, and alongside Norbord and Kronospan are the constituent members of the Wood Panel Industries Federation (WPIF). The three member companies operate across six sites across the UK, and have a combined VA in excess of £850 million per annum, employing in the region of 7,500 people. These companies operate a business-to-business interface, supplying some of the UK’s biggest brands, including B&Q, Jewson, Wickes, and Howdens.

Supporting documents:

Following our Information Day on Wednesday 18th August, we have now submitted our applications to East Ayrshire Council. To view the supporting documents for the planning application please click below:

Lamination line


Combined Heat and Power Plant


IPPC Permits

Continued Growth

We are committed to our Barony plant, and value our ongoing discussions with the local community. The positive relationships we have built with our neighbouring communities shows that they share our wish to see Barony thrive. We are grateful to the local community for their continued support of our growth and ambitions, and to East Ayrshire Council for recently granting planning permission for our new emissions stack on the site in May 2021. We are delighted to be able to expand our plant and ensure our business continues to grow.

Since 1998, we have increased the number of employees on site by 60% to 148. This year we have already recruited for 26 posts, including six apprentices. Our award winning apprenticeship programme has been recognised by the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards 2019, S1 Jobs Awards 2019 and Ayrshire Business Awards 2019.

Barony Apprenticeship Programme

Our five-year vision

We intend to submit planning applications to East Ayrshire Council in the coming months to allow us to deliver a biomass boiler, a lamination line, and a minor application for an extension to the rear of the plant.

Plans include the installation of a new biomass facility and lamination line to support the plants continued growth, and the local economy through employment opportunities. The changes will further improve the efficiency of the site's closed loop production cycle and reduce energy costs, contributing towards the ultimate goal of achieving net zero production.

Our proposal is for the installation of a biomass plant to produce electricity and to generate hot gas, which dries the wood material required for chipboard production. By adding a biomass facility, we can utilise the waste wood within the plant. We implement these processes at our site in Hexham.

EGGER Barony
We propose to replace 100% of the current electricity requirements through biomass with an output of 5.5 MW. The location is on the west side of the building, close to the existing timber/sawdust storage area and is 2,220 sq. m or 0.2 hectares in size. Investing further in a lamination line will enable our site to upgrade the raw chipboard we produce into melamine-faced chipboard (MFC).


Q2 2021 - Public Information Events
In advance of submission, we are holding two information events to inform the public of our proposals and allow the opportunity for feedback.

Q3 2021 - Submission of a local planning application to
East Ayrshire Council for consideration.

Q4 2021 - Determination by East Ayrshire Council

Q2 2022 - Construction and development begins

Please note this feedback does not replace formal consultation

Contact Us

If you have any feedback or comments on our proposal please submit to Kirsty OBrien on 0141 212 7222 or by the end of August 2021.