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Barony Project

EGGER Barony

Barony Project

Development at our site in Auchinleck, East Ayrshire.

About Us

In the UK, EGGER Group operates two plants located in Hexham and Barony. Headquartered in Austria, the family owned business has 20 plants and 26 sales office across the world.

EGGER Barony is a purpose built, raw chipboard production plant located on the outskirts of Auchinleck, East Ayrshire. Production began in 1998 and today we employee over 130 people, with over 20% of the workforce joining as an apprentice.

Over the last ten years, the site has received significant investment from EGGER Group. This has upgraded and increased the efficiency of our production processes to serve our growing customer base. We produce raw chipboard, melamine faced chipboard and structural flooring in the UK for the furniture, interior design and housebuilding markets. We also supply the UK market with worktops, laminates, edging, OSB and decorative flooring.

Annually we produce 1.1million m³ of chipboard across both UK sites, generating a turnover of £282 million. Over the last 35 years, we have produced enough melamine faced chipboard to build one and a half kitchens in every home in the UK, and made enough structural flooring to floor more than two million homes.

Public Exhibition

To join our Webinar on 24 February 2021, 2pm-8pm, please click here.

A detailed presentation will be given at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 7:30pm. The team will be available in between those times to answer any direct questions.

Attending from our project team will be:
Heiko Lichtblau – Plant Director, EGGER Barony
Alan Neish – Planning Advisor
Kirsty Obrien – Invicta PA
Jennifer Peltier – Invicta PA

To join our telephone conference call on 25 February 2021, 6pm-8pm please dial: 03330 434 351 and enter pin: 774 5980.

To download our Exhibition Boards please click here.

Building and maintaining our workforce

We are committed to the continued development of our skilled workforce. Thanks to significant investments from EGGER Group, and the complex nature of our production, we have been able to grow our workforce at Barony by +60% since 1998.

Our market leading apprenticeship programme offers the opportunity to develop new skills in a Mechanical, Electrical or Production role, whilst working towards a Level 3 Scottish Vocational Qualification. In 2019, our apprenticeship programme was recognised by the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards, S1 Jobs Awards and the Ayrshire Business Awards.

We are currently recruiting for up to 20 new employees, inclusive of apprentices.

Barony Apprenticeship Programme

Our Proposal

Our proposed development is the erection of plant and machinery with an emissions stack as an extension to the chipboard manufacturing plant on the east side of the main building.

The area of the extension is 145 square metres, and the height of the emissions stack is 25m at its highest point, which compares with the existing emissions stack at a height of 50m. The function of the proposed plant is to add a cleansing process, which will result in a beneficial effect on the environment in relation to the quality of emissions to the air.

The process undertaken within the production hall is the manufacture of chipboard, which involves pressure and heat being applied with a glue mixture to the raw wood. The purpose of the proposed plant and machinery is to extract emissions and clean them through a series of pipes, screens, and electrostatic fields before discharging the water vapour to the new stack and the thereafter into the atmosphere.

East Ayrshire Council agrees there will be little impact on local neighbours through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Pre-Screening Request. The existing site sits on top of the existing production plant at 50m above ground, whereas this new proposed stack will be built from existing ground level and is only half of this height at 25m so there will be very limited visibility.

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The Planning Process

In 2019, we brought forward a planning application to remove traffic restrictions on the site. Despite being a local application, we undertook an extensive public consultation plan to consult the local community on these proposals. East Ayrshire Council had a full hearing on the proposals and was thereafter granted. Thereafter, we were delighted to establish a Community Liaison Forum inclusive of the nine surrounding community councils in the area.

In December 2020 East Ayrshire Council (EAC), agreed that the proposals can be submitted as a “Local Planning Application” and not a “Major Planning Application” because the size of the extension was within the relevant criteria. Following a Screening Request under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, EAC agreed in February 2021 that a formal EIA was not required.

A new Licensing Permit will also be required for the proposals from SEPA, and this is separate from the process of dealing with the planning application. Whilst SEPA will be consulted by EAC on the planning application, it is standing advice that the planning system should not involve duplication of powers, which are held by other Regulatory Bodies (eg SEPA).

We are now working on our planning application, which will be submitted before the end of February 2021.

East Ayrshire Council stated in their assessment that there will be no significant environmental impact. The site complies with the following:

  • The proposal is well screened from Barony Road and is located away from sensitive receptors and centres of population.
  • The plant is and will continue to be regulated by SEPA and will not cause any pollution.
  • The proposal will not give rise to any water or air pollution.
  • There are no potential cumulative impacts with our existing developments within the planning system currently.
  • There will be no risk of accidents during construction or operation of the development that could impact people or the environment.
  • Due to the distance and location and topography of the site there will be minimal impact on residential receptors or agriculture.

Contact Us

If you have any feedback or comments on our proposal please submit to Kirsty OBrien on 0141 212 7222 or by the end of February.