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EGGER PRO Laminate Aqua+

Make a Splash

EGGER PRO Laminate Aqua+

Make a splash

EGGER PRO Laminate Flooring with Aqua+ technology provides a water resistant flooring solution and an easy-to-clean, cost-effective alternative to tiles.

The Aqua+ range is available in 18 trend-led decors including a variety of wood grain, stone and ceramic decors. The boards are available in two different board formats (Classic and Kingsize) and both in 8mm thickness. Application areas include bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, as well as bars, restaurants and retail spaces.

Here are the top Aqua+ Laminate Flooring downloads:

Brochure UNI fit

Why choose Aqua+?

Up to 5x more water resistant

Our Aqua+ flooring is up to 5× more resistant to water swelling than a standard laminate.

Lifetime Guarantee

All Aqua+ laminate floors offer a lifetime guarantee in residential applications.

18 Aqua+ decors, ceramic and wood styles

Within our Aqua+ range we have 18 trend-led decors including ceramic and woodgrain decors.

UNI fit! installation

1 system, 3 connection methods

Fold Down
Tap Together

Key advantages

  • No tools are required.
  • Easy to install around doors, pipes and radiators.
  • Multiple installers can work simultaneously in one room.
  • Features an extremely sturdy connection.

Watch our UNIfit! installation how to guide

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Aqua+ Classic 8 mm:

  • Out
    Art. 240576 EPL015

    Valley Oak smoke

  • Out
    Art. 240729 EPL034

    Cortina Oak white

  • Out
    Art. 240767 EPL041

    Blue Halford Oak

  • Out
    Art. 240798 EPL042

    Black Halford Oak

  • Out
    Art. 240859 EPL046

    Light Newbury Oak

  • Out
    Art. 240880 EPL047

    Dark Newbury Oak

  • Out
    Art. 240972 EPL067

    Dark Langley Walnut

  • Out
    Art. 241009 EPL068

    Dark Abergele Oak

  • Out
    Art. 241184 EPL098

    Honey North Oak

  • Out
    Art. 241214 EPL111

    Oak Trilogy

  • Out
    Art. 241245 EPL143

    Cesena Oak white

Aqua+ Kingsize 8 mm:

  • Out
    Art. 236111 EPL001

    Grey Karnak Granite

  • Out
    Art. 236142 EPL002

    Brown Karnak Granite

  • Out
    Art. 236173 EPL003

    Cremento black

  • Out
    Art. 236203 EPL004

    Grey Fontia Concrete

  • Out
    Art. 236234 EPL005

    Light Levanto Marble

  • Out
    EPL126 Light Santino Stone

    Light Santino Stone

  • Out
    EPL127 Dark Santino Stone

    Dark Santino Stone

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