Additional development activities

EGGER is more than work. Satisfied employees are very important to us and we pay attention to creating a good workplace atmosphere. This helps you in your personal development and in feeling good as an apprentice at EGGER.

Regular further training

At EGGER we have additional training courses and learning and development programmes.
They include communication training, process training, team building and much more, so there will certainly be something for you.

International opportunities

Towards the end of your apprenticeship there might be the opportunity to broaden your horizons and take a secondment at one of our international plants for a period of time. Besides contributing to your professional development, this opportunity is character building and a chance to see more of the world.

Part of the team from the beginning

Team spirit and a sense of belonging develop quickly in sports and leisure activities. There are many events such as golf, football and ten-pin bowling that you can get involved with.

Your health is important to us

EGGER regularly offers information about general health and, if relevant, you will join the health surveillance programme, which includes regular checkups on certain aspects of health. We feature health promotions on various topics and invite you to take part in health-related activities.

Cycle to Work scheme

We operate the national Cycle to Work scheme whereby you can offset savings through your National Insurance contributions, which can help you buy a bike to travel to work and pay for it over a fixed period of time. We offer a cycle storage area too.

Your opinion and development are important for us

In an annual appraisal / feedback session your instructor will talk to you about your development and give you valuable tips. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to discuss your own ambitions and any concerns that you might have. As you can see, we place a great emphasis on the satisfaction of every single employee.