All about the Job

An apprenticeship at EGGER is not an apprenticeship at any old company. You will work in an international, family-based business. At EGGER you are trained by experts who accompany you step by step in your development.

We are EGGER

A successful producer and supplier of wood-based materials worldwide. The daily work of 9,000 employees at 18 plants makes EGGER one of the leading companies in the industry. To maintain this, we focus on quality – not just the quality of our final products, but also the quality of the training we provide to our employees.

Our trainers

On your journey to becoming qualified, established and supportive colleagues accompany you on the way. Our trainers are either competent, experienced employees or external professional trainers, who are qualified to teach you the required specialist knowledge and support you in your professional and personal development.

When you start (1st year)

The first few weeks of your apprenticeship focus on integration into the EGGER team.
Our welcome / induction and team building exercises will give you a better understanding of working at EGGER and the opportunities available to you.
Afterwards you start basic training in practical workshops and tasks.

Transformation (1st-3rd year)

From pupil to specialist – your instructors are responsible for your learning to ensure that you have all you need to become a specialist.
You are trained in both theory and practice, developing interpersonal competencies and regularly getting to know related areas of work.

Becoming a specialist (3rd-4th year)

In the last year, your instructors will support you with the preparation of your final coursework / assessments and evaluate the quality of your work.
This will be an opportunity for you to work on projects at the plant. We talk with you about your career within the company and what you would like to do during your apprenticeship and beyond.