Group Management

The EGGER Group is owned by brothers Michael and Fritz Egger who, help determine the strategic guiding principles.
The business operations are led by EGGER Group Management: Walter Schiegl, Ulrich Bühler and Thomas Leissing.

Walter Schiegl


EGGER Group Management
Production / Technology

"Openness and transparency towards our employees, the general public and our neighbours are the foundation for identification with EGGER. The sustainability and environmental compatibility of our raw materials, products and processes are especially important to us."

Ulrich B├╝hler


EGGER Group Management
Sales / Marketing
"EGGER acquired its reputation as an innovative, dynamic company over the course of decades. This begins with our basic materials and extends to the development of innovative materials and to trend-setting decors and surfaces. We develop more than just products, we create solutions for our customers"

Thomas Leissing


EGGER Group Management
Finance / Administration / Logistics (Group Management Spokesperson)
"The EGGER Group has been growing successfully for years based on its own performance. The integration of our partners is very important for us. We build on long-term relationships, both on the supplier side and with our customers"