Wood materials production and upgrading

Wood Materials Production

To continually improve our environmental performance in the production process, we rely on internationally certified energy and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001.

Our plants in Unterradlberg (2009), Hexham (2010), Radauti (2010), Rion des Landes (2013), Gifhorn (2013), St. Johann in Tirol (2013), Wörgl (2013), Marienmünster (2014), Bevern (2014), Brilon (2015), Bünde (2015) and Rambervillers (2016) have already been awarded the globally recognized standard for environmental management.

Our goal is to obtain ISO 14001 certification for all EGGER plants. The German and British EGGER plants in Brilon, Bevern, Gifhorn, Bünde, Marienmünster, Wismar, Hexham and Barony are certified according to ISO 50001. The standard was introduced in 2011 and concerns the management of energy flows.