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To a sustainable future

“Wood is far too valuable to just throw it away” Fritz Egger Senior, Founder

“Wood is far too valuable to just throw it away” Fritz Egger Senior, Founder

Our environmental objective is to produce quality products that are fit for purpose, with as little impact as possible on the environment, in terms of waste, pollution and energy usage.

More From Wood has been EGGER’s principle since it was founded in 1961. We manufacture products for commercial and residential projects in the furniture, interior design, building and flooring industries, using nature’s renewable resources.

Make informed, responsible decisions in your furniture manufacturing or design specification projects. Our products have useful environmental performance indicators that make us, and therefore you, more transparent.

Future Commitments

Find out how we are performing and view our future commitments.

Group Sustainability Report Hexham Environmental Brochure
Decor match throughout our products


Our transparency helps you make responsible product choices.

Key information can be found in our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Environmental and Health Datasheets (EHDs).

Using our products for a sustainably certified project is straightforward.

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Sustainability indicators

Sustainability indicators

Sustainability indicators display the type of wood-based materials that are used to make our products.

They also show the percentage of renewable resources used and a product's carbon footprint.

Available for all decorative, building and flooring boards.

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Ecological Cycle: Overview from tree to product

Ecological Cycle: Overview from tree to product

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Closed Loop Cycle

We operate a closed loop environmental cycle across all 20 of our sites worldwide.

By adopting this method, the environment benefits through the efficient use of wood

This includes forestry, recycling, manufacturing and renewable energy processes, all of which reduce our environmental impact.

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EGGER Timberpak

Recycled material

Recycled material is used by EGGER to create new products for the furniture and interior design market.

Save any wood-based items from going to landfill by partnering with EGGER Timberpak.

EGGER Timberpak makes a valuable contribution to improving the environment by utilising all timber waste material that would otherwise be burnt or sent to landfill.

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