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Samples >Sample >Eurodekor 297 x 210 x 19 mm edged on two sides >H3178 ST37 Black Glazed Halifax Oak

H3178 ST37 Black Glazed Halifax Oak

Eurodekor 297 x 210 x 19 mm edged on two sides


. While the cracks in the Halifax Oak range of decors are black or dark, Glazed Halifax oak displays light cracks and pores, creating an almost entirely new decor. The black colour tone is a colour variant that resembles burnt wood and with its black/white character, it works well in combination with black, but also with very light grey tones. Thanks to the XL repeat, meaning reduced repetition of cracks in the decor image, it can also be used on large surfaces and is haptically perfected by the synchronised texture ST37 Feelwood Rift.

Decor is directionally bound.

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Weight: 0.81 kg

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