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  • 09.10.2019

    EGGER Group receives ISO 38200 certificate

    EGGER implements a new, globally valid standard for the transmission of information along the supply chain of wood and wood-based products.

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  • 10.09.2019

    EGGER Forestry sells Forest Management arm to RTS Ltd

    Wood-based panel manufacturer EGGER UK, which has more than 800 employees, today announced the sale of its forest management arm to Scotland-based RTS Ltd.

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  • 01.08.2019

    EGGER Forestry presents prize at Ambleside

    EGGER Forestry attended the graduation of students completing their Forestry degree at the university on July 18th. Student Robert Baker was presented with a first place certificate and cash prize for his Final Year Forest Management Plan.

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  • 25.07.2019

    EGGER Group brings the 2018/2019 financial year to a close with stable results and very high investments

    The wood-based materials manufacturer recorded sales of EUR 2.84 billion and adjusted EBITDA of EUR 425.0 million.

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  • 24.07.2019

    Forestry Minister David Rutley MP tours EGGER Hexham

    David Rutley MP, Minister for Food and Animal Welfare, with the responsibility for forestry policy in England, visited Northumberland’s largest manufacturing site EGGER (UK) Limited, Hexham on Friday 19th July along with the UK Government’s Tree Champion, Sir William Worsley.

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  • 04.07.2019

    EGGER plant in Biskupiec starts production

    On June 28, 2019, EGGER Biskupiec began to operate its state-of-the-art chipboard production plant for furniture manufacturing. It is the EGGER Group’s 19th plant in the world, with capacity of 650,000 cubic meters of chipboard and an investment of €440 million. With 400 direct and 600 indirect jobs, EGGER Biskupiec will supersede the current chipboard import for Poland – one of the largest furniture producing countries in the world.

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  • 04.07.2019

    Designing Tomorrow’s Spaces Today

    Material Lab, located on Titchfield Street in Central London, was the ideal venue, on Tuesday 25th June, for a stimulating panel discussion about the impact of biotechnology on the future development of materials, new ways of constructing buildings, the negative impact of continuing as we are now on society and the environment, and the growing concern of how all this affects our lives.

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  • 04.07.2019

    EGGER Hexham celebrates 35 years in the community

    EGGER has been at the forefront of the wood-based industry for the last five decades, and a unique ethos of partnership and support means the company has a very special place at the heart of its communities.

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  • 02.07.2019

    A BIG deal for forestry and wood processing

    EGGER has welcomed a major boost for forestry and wood processing in the north of England and south of Scotland after funding was confirmed for a growth deal worth almost £400 million.

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  • 29.01.2019

    EGGER receives the certificate: wood purchasing is compliant with the EUTR

    Independent monitoring institute confirms proper and responsible action when purchasing wood from Ukraine.\n \nThe EGGER Group is known as an outspoken promoter of sustainable forestry and the responsible handling of resources. When it comes to sustainable procurement, it goes without saying that EGGER complies with national and European laws, in particular the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

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  • 27.12.2018

    EGGER: Positive results at business half-year mark

    The EGGER Group with headquarters in St. Johann in Tirol (AT) was able to use to its advantage the overall economic situation during the first half of the business year 2018-2019 (on 31 October 2018). It closed with a consolidated turnover of EUR 1.43 billion and an adjusted operative result (EBITDA) of EUR 231.4 million. The outlook for the second half-year is also optimistic.

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  • 22.11.2018

    EGGER is starting to build a chipboard plant in Lexington, North Carolina

    In July of last year, the EGGER Group announced the greenfield investment, and the machines are now starting to build. EGGER is launching the construction of its new wood-based materials plant in Lexington, North Carolina (US), according to plan. The chipboard plant is scheduled to start operation in late 2020.

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