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Light Lakeland Acacia

H1277 ST9
  • Detailed view (approx. 27 x 18 cm)

    Detailed view (approx. 27 x 18 cm)

  • Close up view (approx. 60 x 37 cm)

    Close up view (approx. 60 x 37 cm)

  • Decor in use

    Decor in use

Alternative to H1277

H1176 ST37 White Halifax Oak’s subtle interplay of cool tones and its deep, knotted woodgrain make this decor virtually indistinguishable from real, solid wood.
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  • H1277 ST9

    Light Lakeland Acacia
Colour and character
Description The Light Lakeland Acacia is a natural, but nevertheless neutral decor, that looks timeless on many large surfaces. The light colour with slight grey content makes it look light and modern and can be combined in a variety of ways with white via neutral colour and accent colours and through to black. The neutral surface ST9 Smoothtouch Matt is enhanced on the very balanced decor image.
Collection EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019
Colour & decor worlds Timeless Oak
Surface Texture ST9 Smoothtouch Matt
Decor group Wood Reproductions
Decor type Acacia (Wood Reproductions)
Wood grain Planked
Grain direction Vertical grain