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EGGER Protects builders from the weather for longer

New research and rigorous testing of EGGER’s flagship flooring product, EGGER Protect, has shown that the structural board can remain exposed to the elements for 60 days.

This is a substantial increase on the previously cited 42 days, is unrivalled in the industry and gives UK house builders’ peace of mind when dealing with unforeseen delays.

Alan White, Director of Sales for Building Products at EGGER UK, explained the significance of this new development:

“As a leading provider of domestic and commercial structural flooring applications, we respond to customer feedback and continually look to improve and develop our products. We know there are many reasons why the building process can be delayed, leaving floors exposed and at risk of becoming structurally unsound.

In response to this, I am delighted to announce that, in addition to the Lifetime Guarantee we offer on our Advanced Structural Flooring System, we also provide the only chipboard flooring on the market that, once laid, can be exposed to the British weather for up to 60 days. No matter the reason for the delay onsite, whether it be material shortages or lack of skilled tradesman, this extended protection period is significant for any builder.”

EGGER Protect is manufactured from the company’s P5 flooring grade particleboard and its weather resistant surface layer is applied to both sides. As well as the 60 day protection, the board has a hard-wearing, anti-slip surface, is quick to install, and can be used with underfloor heating systems and tiles.

To find out more about EGGER Protect contact the EGGER building products
Time saving features include a concrete-effect finish, which means no post-installation painting is required. EGGER Protect can be installed during light rain conditions and is easily cleaned in preparation for handover to the customer.

CE and FSC certified, the boards are produced from sustainable raw materials on one of the most sophisticated production lines in Europe. Each board has a tongue and groove profile, cut with unique diamond-tipped tooling, creating stronger and consistently tighter fitting joints.

To achieve optimal results, EGGER Joint & Joist D4 adhesive must be used. The correct application of this glue gives a fully sealed working deck, protected against moisture ingress and the wear and tear of heavy site traffic. No joint sealing tape is required.

EGGER Protect is part of a portfolio of structural P5 grade flooring boards with enhanced moisture resistant properties, which also includes EGGER P5 and EGGER Peel Clean Xtra. These tongue and groove boards are part of the company’s innovative Advanced Structural Flooring System. Designed to save time, money and manpower, this tried and tested system combines three components: EGGER tongue and groove structural flooring boards, EGGER D4 Joint and Joist Adhesive and a simple six-step installation process. When these are all used in the recommended way, the installation is backed by the EGGER Lifetime Guarantee.

To find out more about EGGER Protect contact the EGGER building products hotline on 0845 602 4444, e-mail

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