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Case Studies> Holiday Inn Zurich

New look for Holiday Inn

Zurich (CH)

Natural wood effects provide for new, contemporary design
To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Holiday Inn Messe hotel in Zurich decided to renovate the reception, bar and lounge area. Based on the existing colour concept, suitable accents were to be set with matching wood effects to create a feel-good atmosphere.
Due to the special location of the hotel, all areas were designed under the motto ”Let us entertain you!”. While H3395 ST12 Natural Corbridge Oak provides a natural touch in the lounge area, the reception area shines with a modern glow thanks to H3702 ST10 Tobacco Pacific Walnut. The wood reproductions are used as a contrast to the already existing colour accent that are regarded as a feel-good factor in the Zurich Messe hotel.

Executed by:

Customer / Builder:

Holiday Inn Zürich Messe, Zürich (CH)


Monoplan AG, Zürich (CH)


Walter Bochsler AG, Urdorf (CH)

Construction period:


Illustration credits:

© Monoplan AG


All shown decors are reproductions.