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EGGER PRO flooring - with a complete service from a professional

  • PRO 2021+ Laminate Flooring | EPL184

    PRO 2021+ Laminate Flooring | EPL184

  • PRO 2021+ Design GreenTec Flooring | EPD006

    PRO 2021+ Design GreenTec Flooring | EPD006

  • PRO 2021+ Comfort Flooring | EPC035

    PRO 2021+ Comfort Flooring | EPC035

High-quality flooring from specialist distributors - rely on a professionall

Do you want to be given competent advice and leave the flooring installation to an expert who will guarantee the product and service quality? In the EGGER PRO collection you will find a large selection of first class floor coverings that are only available from specialist distributors.
Select a decor there from our variety of flooring colours in all our flooring types, laminate flooring, Comfort flooring and Design flooring GreenTec and find a flooring installer near to you to have the flooring installed.

A professional installation assures your entitlement to our generous warranty service and you can rely on the fact that the flooring expert will, thanks to his knowledge and experience, have a neat solution to hand even for tricky areas such as uneven flooring or transitions to tiled or carpeted flooring.

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Discover here the variety of flooring colours for the EGGER PRO floors:

Laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring | EPL184
High-quality, diverse and authentic. With EGGER PRO laminate flooring you have the freedom to express any style!

Decors EGGER Laminate

Comfort flooring

Comfort Flooring | EPC035
Comfortable, warm underfoot, insulated against noise. If home comfort is close to your heart, the PRO Comfort flooring is just the right thing for you!

Decors EGGER Comfort

Design flooring GreenTec

Design Flooring GreenTec | EPD045
Modern, high-quality, robust. Wherever flooring has to withstand a lot, our PRO Design flooring GreenTec is exactly the right choice.

Decors Design GreenTec

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Read more about the EGGER PRO floor coverings in our brochure:

Note: All our shown and mentioned decors are reproductions.