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Refreshing aesthetics in fitness centre

Brest (BY)

Lime green, pearl grey and white marble create a modern athletic atmosphere
A lot of sweating goes on in a fitness centre. This is why architect Alexander Leonidowitsch Grablyuk decided for a refreshing, clean aesthetic when redesigning the CityGym in Brest, Belarus. He gave the changing rooms friendly accents with Eurodekor chipboard in U630 ST9 Lime Green in between the muted U763 ST76 Pearl Grey.

The texture of ST76 Mineral Rough Matt is modelled on a mottled and softly brushed natural stone surface and provides more character to the solid grey colour. The architect also chose an EGGER worktop in F166 ST9 White Pelago Marble for the counter in the reception area. It fits well into the cool and modern atmosphere.

Executed by:


CityGym, Brest (BY), /


Grablyuk Alexander Leonidowitsch, Brest (BY),


OOO „Pero“, Brest (BY)

Construction Period:

Winter 2016


© Grablyuk Alexander Leonidowitsch


All shown decors are reproductions.