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Residential and holiday home

Neustraßburg (DE)

Inspired by the States

Individual wooden house solution for enthusiastic Wild West fans
The holiday and residential home of a passionate Wild West rider is located in Eifel, Germany. The saloon-style complex has a length of 22 metres, a depth of 11 metres, and a total usable area of 300 m². The solid wood house was constructed between October 2014 and June 2015. There is a suspended ceiling above the counter area, which provides intimacy.

The rest of the room features a double height ceiling. The builder wanted an F30 wall construction, therefore, the EGGER OSB 4 TOP board was used on the insides of the sidestands below the installation level. EGGER DHF was used for the external construction, behind the ventilation level, as it provides optimal technical properties and a flexible configuration for the wooden facade.

Implemented by:


Werner Büchel, Architect, Schweich (DE)


FLOSS Holzbau (DE),

Photography credits:

© FLOSS Holzbau