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EGGER moves into the premier league with Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool (UK)

EGGER moves into the premier league with Liverpool Football Club

Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club (LFC), has unveiled a state of the art flagship megastore featuring EGGER Laminate.

The new concept store has 19,500 sq ft of selling space over two floors and is the largest LFC retail store in the world. EGGER’s H1137 ST12 Black Brown Serano Oak was chosen in laminate as one of the main decors for the project alongside F275 ST9 Dark Concrete and F274 ST9 Light Concrete as it required a durable, yet cost effective finish.

The decors feature across all fixed and mobile merchandise display units throughout the store, providing a timeless and understated look to complement the well-known LFC identity.

Designed by award-winning KKA Interiors and fabricated by Havelock Europa, the surfaces are well suited to the LFC megastore interior as they provides a high quality platform to showcase the latest LFC merchandise to the club's loyal supporters.

Monika Swindells, Director of Interior Design at KKA Interiors, said, “EGGER is our go to laminate supplier as their product is durable, effective and flexible. We have used the EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019 on numerous projects as it provides a fantastic selection of decors and texture for all budgets”

“We chose EGGER for the LFC megastore project as we knew we could rely on their product quality, distribution network and sample service to ensure we completed the job to a high standard and on time.”

Realised by:

Customer / builder:

Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool

Interior Designer:

KKA Interiors


Havelock Europa


All shown decors are reproductions.