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Case Studies> Lakor show kitchen

Unusual details meet striking design

Center-Mebel show kitchen, Białystok (PL)

A kitchen with a unique character
The joint collection "CLEAF presented by EGGER" has already given some interior designs a unique character. The focus in this show kitchen was on monochrome colours, discreet shapes and efficient use of materials. Commissioned by Center Mebel, the only furniture retailer to sell the joint EGGER and Cleaf collection in Poland, a modern kitchen was created in collaboration with LAKOR.
The show kitchen combines Cleaf's rustic woodgrain decor Okobo S158 Minato on the fronts with an industrial marble look in F095 ST87 Grey Siena Marble by Egger on the worktops and splashback panels. 

The rough charm is broken up by cosy brown tones and thoughtfully placed light sources. This gives the kitchen an individual touch. Blemishes and deliberate quirks also characterise the surfaces of the stone and wood reproductions. The carcass of the kitchen island emphasises the cubic look with its vertical lines and gives the kitchen its loft character. The unique spatial atmosphere is created by the interplay of warm colours and unusual textures.

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ul. Przędzalniana 60,
15-688 Białystok


ul. Przędzalniana 62,
15-688 Białystok, Poland
T. +48 (86) 218 36 47

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All shown decors are reproductions.