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Foot on Mars store

Alcoy (ES)

Sneakers from Mars

Foot on Mars Sneaker Store in Spain shines with selected EGGER products.
The design of the inviting store in Alcoy is sporty and stylish, just like the sneakers. Light wood decors on a 100 m2 surface match the colourful selection of shoes and do a great job highlighting them.

The store's wall cladding and the sales counter are made with EGGER decors on melamine-faced boards. The decor W1000 Premium White in combination with the light wooden look of the Bardolino Oak (H1145) provides the store with clear lines, which make it look transparent and modern.

Executed by:

Customer / builder:

Foot on Mars Franchises, 


QUBO PHARMA, Ciudad Real (ES), 


LCM, Alicante (ES)


May 2014


All shown decors are reproductions.