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Statement Coronavirus EGGER Group

EGGER Group Statemnet

EGGER Group: Statement Coronavirus

At EGGER, we closely monitor the developments surrounding the spread of the coronavirus and continuously evaluate any possible effects on our company, our employees and our supply chains.

We inform our employees, whose health is our most important concern, accordingly and provide them with useful information on health protection and take all necessary measures regarding travel or visits.

As far as possible risks in the supply chain are concerned, we can currently exclude such risks based on the current state of knowledge about the spread of the coronavirus in China and Italy. As we do not de facto purchase any upstream processes or products from the affected regions, we do not need to fear any restrictions on supply.


Against this background and in the current situation, we do not see any risk in our preliminary products and our upstream suppliers that could lead to impairments or even delivery shortfalls of our production or our products in the range.

With its 19 production sites in Europe and South America, EGGER is well positioned globally and can therefore react to local difficulties and ensure supply.