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EGGER Kompakt – The training programme with a vision

By employees, for employees.

Since May 2016, EGGER has been offering a training series called "EGGER Kompakt", which, in various modules, brings each employee closer to the different challenges and areas of the company. The training sessions are very hands-on thanks to our internal trainers and very interactive due to the numerous group projects.

The appropriate modules are selected together with the line supervisor. In total, there are nine EGGER Kompakt modules.

All employees are introduced to the core areas of our company in 3 modules. These include:

  • our raw materials
  • our production and
  • our products.

For all commercial employees, this content is combined in a one-day training session and offered according to the shift schedule.

This excellent training series has already won several awards. We are particularly pleased about the HR Excellence Award 2017, because we competed with big names in the German-speaking area (VW Group, Bosch, etc.).

Awards at a glance:

HR Award 2016
HR Excellence Award 2017