EGGER is a global family business that focuses on sustainability. The topic of compliance - that is, observing legal requirements and internal guidelines- is key for our business activity and the relationship with all our partners. The following guidelines help anchor this attitude in the way of thinking and acting of all EGGER employees.

Code of Conduct

The EGGER Code of Conduct is based on our values as well as business vision and goals. The Code of Conduct includes clear standards of conduct that must be observed by all employees.

Suppliers' Code of Conduct

We also expect our suppliers to share our compliance principles. Through the Code of Conduct for suppliers, our suppliers pledge to comply with applicable laws and other regulations.

Cartel Law Guidelines

Every EGGER employee must know and comply with all relevant cartel law stipulations. An in-house Cartel Law Guideline and regular training help ensure proper conduct pursuant to cartel legislation.

Corruption Guidelines

We are strictly opposed to any kind of active and passive bribery. The in-house Corruption Guideline outlines clear prohibitions, as well as instructions regarding the handling of presents and invitations.

Guideline Capital Market Compliance

Our Guideline on Capital Market Compliance shows investors that the legal requirements of the capital market are taken seriously by EGGER and any violations are prevented. The Guideline is also intended to make sure that we fulfil expectations of the capital market regarding conduct and the organisation of a company.