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EGGER Design GreenTec flooring is high quality, robust and modern

Opt for our natural Design flooring without PVC

Our Design flooring meets all your expectations

EGGER's high-quality Design flooring GreenTec scores points not only with its modern flooring colours but also with its extraordinary properties. Compared to classic laminate flooring our trendy Design flooring is much more robust.
The innovative flooring is suitable for all areas with intensive usage, both commercial and residential. With a material thickness of only 7.5 mm, our modern flooring is ideal for renovations.

Sustainability indicators

Further information on our sustainability indicators please review here.

EGGER Design flooring gives you many benefits:

  • Particularly robust and resistant to micro scratches, therefore ideal for heavy duty areas
  • Permanently attractive Design flooring thanks the self-repairing surface
  • Wood-based Design flooring without PVC
  • The Design flooring boards means they are easy to handle and make the flooring ideal for underfloor heating
  • Easy to install thanks to our click system
  • On large areas you can glue EGGER PRO Design flooring GreenTec. In our installation videos we show you how!

Design flooring impresses in all areas

Whether at home or in commercial premises: EGGER Design flooring GreenTec is the ideal solution wherever flooring has to withstand a lot, because it is particularly robust and resilient. What is more, our Design flooring wood effects and tile effects captivate with outstanding authenticity.

With EGGER Design flooring you can produce a seamless flooring design in all areas. This flooring is highly stable and moisture-resistant. Even large temperature fluctuations are unable to affect this modern floor covering.

Modern and practical

The slim Design flooring boards are modern and practical.

Particularly functional

EGGER Design flooring is extremely durable.

100 % PVC free

Sustainably Produced
Our high-quality Design flooring GreenTec has a compact product composition and is available in a range of effects and flooring colours. The Design flooring boards are only 7.5 mm thick, which gives you many benefits when it comes to installing. This modern Design flooring can be safely and permanently glued, or, like click laminate, laid as a floating installation. Another benefit is its perfect suitability with underfloor heating.
Our Design floors are characterised, above all, by their high functionality. Thanks to the special surface as well as the extremely dense wood fibre board, this modern flooring is moisture-resistant and micro scratch-resistant.
EGGER Design flooring, manufactured in Germany, is made from natural wood fibres. It is therefore much more environmentally friendly than many primarily plastic-based products on the market. What is more, EGGER Design flooring is 100 % PVC and plasticisers free, and therefore not harmful to health, contributing to a healthy indoor climate.

EGGER Design flooring goes well in any space

EGGER Design flooring is incredibly robust and thus ideally suitable for all spaces with intensive usage. For kitchens, hallways and all areas where there is an increased moisture level, EGGER Design flooring is the right choice.

Guaranteed lightfast, our Design flooring GreenTec does not fade over time. You can rely on that.

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NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.