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We establish a new division: EGGER Building Products

  • The Management of EGGER Building Products (from left):  Martin Rottensteiner (finance and administration), Walter Schiegl (technic and production), Andreas Reiterer (sales and marketing)

Since 1st May 2011 we have combined the Brilon sawmill, the Wismar OSB plant and the Radauti OSB plant in Romania, which is currently under construction, into one separate division. With 350 employees and a capacity of approx. 500,000 m3 of timber and 660,000 m3 of OSB, we are “providing the conditions for further broadening the expertise in the wood construction segment“, explains Ulrich Bühler, group manager sales/distribution.

In response to the growing significance of wood building products in the EGGER group, the key objective of the new division will be to combine the marketing of both products: OSB and timber.
Management responsibilities will be assumed by Andreas Reiterer (sales/marketing director), Martin Rottensteiner (finance/administration director) and Walter Schiegl (production/technology manager), who will be temporarily be responsibilities for this area.


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