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Så vitt man kan se... Trä & Teknik in Goteborg

  • Stand Team: Ingemar Wiktorsson, Mattias Ydrefors, Marcus Lundborg, Tommy Jonasson and Stefan Bennesved
  • Design-Studies for office funtiure with our decors F 563, H3089 (front), F8992 (edging). The designer: Mattias Ydrefors
  • Så vitt man kan se...
  • Our materials: Laminate, Eurodekor, Eurolight and Compact boards

From 24th to 27th August 2010 the ”Trä & Teknik” took place in Goteborg. Together with out supplier „Direktlaminat AB“ we presented the products Eurodekor, Eurolight, Laminate and Furniture components. 

The pictures on the right side shall give you an impression of the fair.
Maybe you will find yourself on one of them!

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