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Revamp your product range with EGGER's new range of 'modern classics'

  • Image kindly supplied by Moores showing H3840 ST9 in combination with U631 ST9
  • Image kindly supplied by Daval showing H3911 ST9 in combination with U717 ST9

With many of the UK’s best selling MFC designs in the market now 15-20 years old, is it time to refresh your product offering?

Updating and re-interpretating ‘classic’ wood species is the thinking behind EGGER’s ‘modern classics’ approach. But why replace popular decors with new ones?
EGGER’s Product Manager Andrew Sanderson explains why: “Over the past few years the trend for mixing and matching has grown in popularity. Indeed, furniture designers are telling us that they are increasingly using less fully co-ordinating door and carcass matches”
“Of course it is right to question the wisdom of potentially replacing a good selling beech with a new one” adds Andrew. “But with wood reproductions now being so realistic, it is important to offer the best available, rather than simply what has sold well in the past. We believe that increasingly discerning consumers will appreciate the difference and are even willing to pay a premium, as our MFC designs become increasingly closer to the look and feel of real wood veneer.”
“Although the popularity of more unusual, expressive woods like Zebrano and Palisander are increasing in popularity, it is crucial that we update the species of wood that have been firm UK favourites, or classics. Some of which are now between 15 and 20 years old, and in comparison to the new offerings are beginning to look somewhat tired and dated. This provides the opportunity to keep your offering fresh and modern, especially important in these challenging times”

Successful integration between uni and woodgrain decors has developed into a key trend. It seemed only natural, therefore, that EGGER have looked to update their range of ‘classic’ woods. As well as having a higher degree of naturalness, EGGER’s new ‘modern classics’ such as H3911 ST9 Natural Tauern Beech, H3368 ST9 Natural Lancaster Oak, H3840 ST9 Natural Mandal Maple and H1713 ST9 Grey Brown Ontario Walnut have a greater interplay of colour than their somewhat flatter predecessors. This allows them to mix more freely with EGGER’s new palette of natural grey tones: U741 ST9 Lava, U795 ST9 Brown Grey, U100 ST9 Mussel, U717 ST9 Dakar and U631 ST9 Olive.

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