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Stable half-year result for EGGER

Stable half-year result for EGGER

In a market environment marked by challenges, the EGGER Group was able to increase sales during the first half-year of the business year 2015/16.

The half-year balance of 31 October 2015 shows a sales increase of 2.7% as compared to the previous half-year: EGGER concludes the first half-year with sales of 1.19 billion Euro (previous year: EUR 1.16 billion).

The EBITDA, at 172.2 million Euro, was maintained at a similar level to the previous year's high of 172.6 million Euro. The equity ratio slightly diminished in comparison to the previous year from 39.7% to 38.9%.

Sales increases of +3.9% as compared to the previous half-year was achieved in the EGGER Decorative Products division for furniture and interior design. This increase is primarily due to the markets in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and Spain.

Sales in the EGGER Retail Products (Flooring) division exceeded the value of the previous year period by +3.9%, with a total of 168.4 million Euro, despite the continued difficult market situation.

In the EGGER Building Products division, the sales volume of OSB increased, but lower prices led to a sales decrease of -5.0%.

In the first six months of the current 2015/2016 business year, EGGER invested EUR 142.8 million in property, plant and equipment, as well as in intangible assets (previous year: EUR 113.6 million).

35.3 million Euro were maintenance investments. 107.5 million Euro were used for growth investments.

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