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EGGER on the global stage: Great success at the Expo Milano 2015

  • The flame-retardant compact laminate with the Feelwood synchronised pore was used for the table tops in the German restaurant.
  • Visitors could put their hands on EGGER products.
  • In the show, the guests stood on EGGER laminate flooring.
  • The Eurolight lightweight board in the exhibition.

For half a year, EGGER has been presenting how creative and versatile the use of wood-based materials can be in furniture and interior design or as flooring in the German Pavilion at the Expo in Milan. On 31st October 2015, the world exhibition in the Italian metropolis closed its doors.

What stays behind?
A record number of 21 million visitors, and many impressions, as well as inspiration.

More than three million people visited the German Pavilion.

The presentation of EGGER’s wood-based materials was a great success: The flame-retardant compact laminate with the Feelwood synchronised pore, the Eurolight lightweight board, and the laminate flooring from the current collection “EGGER laminate flooring 2015-2017” significantly contributed to the interior of the pavilion making it a creative, modern and authentic place.

"The Expo provided us with an international stage to showcase our products. After the closing of the world exhibition, we were even prouder of having supported the ARGE German Pavilion in this successful project. We were able to clearly prove the versatility and robustness of our products," sums up Ulrich Bühler, Head of Marketing and Sales of the EGGER Group.

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