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EGGER DHF board with nail grid

  • Vapour-permeable roof and wall board

The EGGER DHF is a vapour-permeable and moisture-resistant bonded wood fibreboard, intended for use as exterior roof and wall sheathing. In addition to the quick and simple installation, it is characterised by the imprinted and easy-to-install nail grid.

The upper section of EGGER DHF boards is stamped with the divisions of 31.3cms (for the span width 62.5 cm) and 83.3cms. Thanks to the nail grid, additional marking during installation is no longer necessary and the nail sealing tape under the counter batten can also be left out.

In the case of deviating grid dimensions, the speed of installation is also improved by the line print, as it is only necessary to place the first nail and then it can be fastened parallel to the line.

Other advantages of EGGER DHF:

• General building permit ZU-9.1-454
• Tested fire protection for walls and roofs with a general certificate of approval (abP)
• Dry puncture-resistant up to 1 m span width
• Weather-resistant as temporary roofing according to manufacturer guidelines
• Wind-proof, water-draining layer through the tongue and groove profile
• Floor-to-ceiling formats up to 3.0m.

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